Bally Haley
Bally Haley

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Welcome to Bally Haly…

As Newfoundland and Labrador’s most historic and beautiful country club, Bally Haly maintains a place of respect and honor in the rich history of St. John’s .

Once a private members club, Bally Haly has evolved to open our doors to welcome all members of the community, along with visitors to St. John’s. Our semi-private designation will always insure our members feel valued and special, but we are overjoyed to represent our Bally Haly members by offering outstanding services and a warm welcome to all who choose Bally Haly.

Bally Haly Country Club is a year round facility, offering the most exceptional golfing and curling opportunities, along with wedding celebration, business events, or any occasion requiring the spectacular benefits and services of Bally Haly. We are proud to balance our special events with commitment to remain true to our rich tradition as an exceptional social club~ we are pleased to offer an inviting and special setting for our members to call home.

Bally Haly is ….

Everything You Want It To Be.