Bally Haley
Bally Haley

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For general inquires please contact the office at 726-4021 ext. 200, for more specific inquiries please contact the appropriate department.

General Manager
Jamie Moran
726-4021 ext. 201

Theresa Broaders
726-4021 ext. 202

Events Manager & Corporate Liaison
Julie Carter
726-4021 ext. 203

Membership Coordinator
Mike Wills
726-4021 ext. 205

Marichris Fransico
726-4021 ext. 207

Golf Professional
Jeff MacNeill
726-4021 ext. 216

Mike Curran
726-4021 ext. 217

Bally Haly

Bally Haly Country Club
100 Logy Bay Road
St. John's, NL
A1A 5B2