Bally Haley
Bally Haley

Rates & Policies

Bally Haly offers a challenging Scottish style, 18 hole, par 70/71 championship golf course overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Located 3 minutes from downtown St. John’s, we are conveniently placed for golfers who want the full country club experience right in the heart of the city. The course presents our Members and guests with deceptive drives and dynamic lies to make sure every round is distinct. (There’s a reason our guests have said that you never play the same round twice.) Our greens remain unparalleled locally, with tour quality roll and break fast greens are the norm.

Monday – Thursday – 57.50
Friday – Sunday and Holidays – 62.50
Twilight (Mon-Fri after 4:00pm, Weekends & Holidays after 2:00pm) – 45.00
Power Cart – 33.63

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